期間終了11/26 (日) 〜 11/26 (日)

<美山で一日田舎暮らし体験 日帰りバスツアー>- Experience rural old Japan lifestyle day trip tour-

The aim of this tour is to promote interactions between the visitors and local people in Miyama.
Activities include several experiences of Japanese traditional lifestyle such as straw works, Mochi pounding,
Rice-ball making etc.
Please actively communicate with host family and enjoy working together them!!

<暮らしと伝統が息づく「お米の文化」>-“Rice Oriented Culture” Life andTradition in Japan-

Rice has been the main crop in japan and inevitable for Japanese life,
cultivated in this country for more than 3,000 years. Not only staple food for everyday life,
rice cultivation has intertwined with traditional cultural production.
For example, straws had been used various tool and rituals.
At the same time, it has been a serious issue in Japan that rice production has been hurt by declining
rice consumption which is causing decreasing of rice raising farmers.
Through various activities of eating/making/cooking “rice”, we hope you may find how “rice”is important part of Japanese cluture.

<ツアースケジュール・インフォメーション> Information
ツアー日時(Tour date):2017/11/26(Sun.)

モニターツアー価格(Price):お1人様 – 1 person - 6,500円 

08:30 京都駅 出発 |ご集合場所:京都駅八条口バスプール
10:15  美山町自然文化村 河鹿荘 到着 (自己紹介)
10:30 わら細工体験
12:30 かやぶき民家での昼食
13:30 かやぶきの里に移動 
    ・<お餅つき体験> ついたおもちは色々な食べ方で頂きます。
15:15 かやぶきの里 出発
15:30 道の駅 美山ふれあい広場 到着
18:00 京都駅八条口 解散

Sunday, Nov.26,2017
08:30 Leave Kyoto Sta.(by minibus)
10:15 Arrive hotel (Miayma Nature Cultural Village “Kajika so”)
 - Opening Ceremony(self-introduction of participants)
 - (Break)
 - Cooking rice using traditional oven(Okudo-san)
 - Making Japanese chopstick(hashi)
 - Making rice balls (onigiri)
 - Straw works
12:30 Lunch time in the thatched roof house.
13:30 Kayabuki no sato walking tour
  Chii Hachiman Shrine
 - Experience rice-cake(Mochi)pounding
 - After that, enjoy various types of Mochi menus
15:15 Leave thached houses Village
15:30 Roadside Station”Miyama fureai hiroba”
 (souvenir shop selling local produts/ice cream shop/local community center etc.)
 - Closing Ceremony
 - Fill in questionnaire sheet
18:00 Arrive Kyoto Sta.
Prior reservation one week before the tour date required.
please make an application by specifying your age, sex, nationality, phone number, any food allergies or other dietary restrictions.
About payment, please pay tour fee by cash on the tour day.

お問い合わせ先:美山町自然文化村 Miyama Nature Cultural Village “Kajika so”
TEL 0771‐77‐0014 MAIL kajika@cans.zaq.ne.jp ※24時間対応ではございません
Long sleeve shirts and long pants suitable for activities in the tour.Fleece/Wool Jacket or Sweater recomended.
・キャンセル料:7^2日前 30% ツアー1日前:40% ツアー当日:100%
*This is a monitor tour planned by college students for regional promotion.
*The photos taken during the tour may be used for future promotion purposes.
*Participants are requested to cooperate with questionnaires at the end of tour for future promotion purposes.
*Transportaion cost from Kyoto Station to Miyama is supported by Japanese government.
Cancellation Charge:30% 7-2 days pripr to your arrival. 40% the day before your arrival. 100% on the day of your arrival.
Reservation form(In English)

企画・実施:美山エコツーリズム (京都府知事登録旅行業 地域-636)
募集型企画旅行実施可能区域=南丹市 京都市 亀岡市 京丹波町 綾部市 篠山市 能勢町 おおい町 高島市

美山町自然文化村 Miyama Nature Cultural Village "Kajika so"
TEL 0771‐77‐0014 MAIL kajika@cans.zaq.ne.jp ※24時間対応ではございません
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© 2019 美山ふるさと株式会社 All Rights Reseved.