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We organize various activities to experience nature, delicacies, culture or history etc. of Miyama Town in all seasons.

Seasonal Tour

End25 Nov (Sun.) 〜 25 Nov (Sun.)
[One day trip (Trial pacakage tour)] Enjoy Cycling & Miyama milk Cheese fondue experience

Tour Date: 25 November 2018
Price: JPY 8,700/person

09:00 Leave Kyoto Station 
10:45 Arrive Miyama Nature & Cultural Village KAJIKASO
    Ice breaking(tour information, purpose, taking photo etc…)
11:00 Cycling (to house of Mr.Takahashi about 4 km)
    *Harvesting vegetables experience (going to cook them at lunch time)
    *go to a stock farm(Kouno farm)
12:30 Back to KAJIKASO
*In thatched roof house, making lunch experience.
13:00 Lunch (Miyama milk cheese fondue)
    *Let’s try to fondue local egg, deer meat sausage, vegetables…
14:00 Cycling (To Kayabuki no sato about 4 km)
    *Free time
14:45 Leave from KAJIKASO
15:00 Arrive at Road side station
*Shopping time :to issue Ice cream discount coupon
15:30 Kyoto Tamba Kogen Q.N.P Visitor center
*Closing the tour. (please cooperate with our questionnaires)
16:00 Leave from Miyama
18:00 Arrive at Kyoto Station.

*canceled only in case of heavy rain.
Prior reservation one week before the tour date required.
please make an application by specifying your age, sex, nationality, phone number, any food allergies or other dietary restrictions.
About payment, please pay tour fee by cash on the tour day.

Miyama Nature Cultural Village “Kajika so”
TEL 0771‐77‐0014 MAIL ※we need to reply 1-2 works day.

Long sleeve shirts and long pants suitable for activities in the tour.Fleece/Wool Jacket or Sweater recomended.

*This is a monitor tour planned by college students for regional promotion.
*The photos taken during the tour may be used for future promotion purposes.
*Participants are requested to cooperate with questionnaires at the end of tour for future promotion purposes.
*Cancellation Charge:30% 7-2 days pripr to your arrival. 40% the day before your arrival. 100% on the day of your arrival.

Inquiry and/or Reservation
Miyama Nature & Cultural Village "KAJIKASO"
TEL:0771-77-0014 E-MAIL:
Things to Do
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