How to Enjoy Japanese Style

How to Enjoy Big Public Bathhouse

There is no better way to relax than soaking in a bathtub. Please find below some tips and rules on how to enjoy our big bathhouse.

  • 01
    Take off your shoes
    at the entrance

    Take off your shoes and put them on the shoe shelf at the entrance area.

  • 02
    Enter correct
    changing room

    Enter the correct changing room. Dark blue curtain showing 男湯 (otoko yu) is for male and dark red curtain showing 女湯 (onna yu) is for female. Please be careful not to go through wrong curtain.

  • 03
    Get completely undressed
    (no swim suits)

    Once in the changing room, get completely undressed (no swim suits) and put your clothes into the basket (male) or the locker (female). For female only, put the key around your wrist or ankle with the elastic strap.

  • 04
    Bring small towels in
    the bathing area

    Bring your small towels in the bathing area. Soap and Shampoo are provided in the bathing area but please bring any soaps, shampoos and other bathing utensils you might want to use (toothbrush, razor etc.)

  • 05
    Clean your body before
    entering the bathtub

    Before entering the bath, wash yourself in the washing area that consisting of small stools, hot and cold taps and shower. Wash your whole body using the soap and the small towel you brought with you. After washing, rinse yourself well. Make sure all foam is gone from your body and your towel.

  • 06
    Enjoy bathing

    Enjoy the various bath including the open-air bath but keep in mind the small towel you brought with you should not be taken into the bath, but rather left on the rim of the bath.

  • 07
    Wipe your body before
    re-entering the
    changing room.

    When you are done soaking and ready to get out, please wipe your body with your towel before re-entering the changing area.

  • Other
    • Please feel free to use the coin lockers in the entrance are for valuables (100 yen returnable deposit.)
    • Please do not bathe when you are menstruating.


  • Don’t put towels in the bathtub.
  • No swimsuits are allowed.
  • Long hair should be tied up.
  • Generally, no tattoos are allowed.
  • Wipe your body before getting back to your locker.
  • Avoid bathing right after dining and drinking alcohol.

How to make Japanese style bedding

Japan was not bed culture. We set up the futon on tatami at bedtime.

01 Spread out a futon mattress on a tatami floor.

02 Put a bed sheets on top and then roll into under the futon mattress.

03 Put a duvet on top

04 Put a pillow and please take your time and relax.

How to wear Yukata

Japanese often wore “Yukata” as after take a bath. Yukata is one of traditional Japanese costume. Now, japanese are familiar with Yukata as summer fetival costume or nightwear after take a bath.

  • 01

    Put your arms through the sleeves.

  • 02

    Bring the right side over the body first, and then pull the left side over the right side.

  • 03

    Wrap the sash around the body, and tie the ends together at the front.

Things to Do
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© 2024 MIYAMAFURUSATO Co., Ltd. All Rights Reseved.